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Steve Jobs Working on the iPad 2 in His Pajamas



    Rumors of Steve Jobs' demise were greatly exaggerated.

    After Apple's stock lost about $10 billion in four minutes Thursday, some rumors began to service about the the company's CEO's health.

    Some suggested the stock tanked because Jobs was in a hospital, while others speculated that the loss could have been because of the underwhelming lines at Verizon stores on day one of the iPhone officially joining the "Can you hear me now" network.

    Jobs took medical leave from Apple three weeks ago for undisclosed medical reasons.

    But Friday Apple said Jobs remains involved in the Cupertino-based company's strategic decisions.

    In fact, Jobs is so involved that he has been working from home and even conducting business meetings out of his pajamas -- which might look a lot like his patented blue jeans and black shirt.

    Apple's CEO has even reportedly been seen at the company's headquarters. Jobs has been involved in the development of the new iPad, which is due out in the coming weeks.