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Tabloids Feed on More Than Just Steve Jobs Health



    In an era where Steve Jobs' health and personal life have become fodder for tabloid headlines, it is no surprise that talk of who might eventually replace the Apple co-founder is also hitting the news pages.

    It also helps that the man that is being dubbed by some to be the hand chosen successor to Jobs, if and when he leaves the company, happens to come from the home of tabloid journals.

    Some British newspapers are reporting that Apple designer Jonathan Ive is being looked at to become Apple's new CEO when Jobs vacates the position permanently.

    The only problem is Apple's lead designer is reportedly homesick and wants to return home to England and work from there. Something that is also reportedly a non-starter for Apple.

    Ive joined Apple in 1992 and he became the head of the industrial design team in 1996, just before Jobs returned to Apple.

    The 43-year-old British designer is largely credited with developing the oval-shaped iMac, the iPod, the iPad, the PowerBook and the MacBook Pro. His track record is why some are starting to argue that he is more important to Apple than Jobs.

    Apple of course will not comment on its plans for life after Jobs despite stockholder demands. The company says it would counter-intuitive to tip its hat early and open up its talented executives to outside poaching.

    Ive reportedly does not want to leave Apple, despite being in line for more than a $35.4 million bonus. He simply wants to return home and raise his two children in his native land.

    Regardless life goes on in Apple world. The company is set to unveil Ive's latest design on Wednesday.