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Three Apps Enter, One App Leaves



    Want -- nay, Need -- to make that phone call into a multi-sensory experience, but the person on the other line has different 'share' apps? Well, yesterday you were stymied. Today, you're Thrutu.

    According to VentureBeat, The free app in Google's Android store gives callers the ability to share locations, photos, contact information and even a little vibrating "prod" to friends (and enemies) alike.

    Normally, users would need to have perfectly synced applications, or would need to juggle their existing ones. With Thrutu you and your fellow caller just need Thrutu -- a unified interface.

    One big caveat is that it doesn't work on Verizon. (Yeah, we said it was a biggie.) The app has to be on GSM networks that allow both voice and data at the same time.

    The app plans to integrate social media, games and real-time video soon.

    BlackBerry and iPhone versions are underway, too.