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Prop Zero Links: Thursday, July 15



    Small City, Big Salaries: Bell is one of the poorest cities in the state, but you'd never know it by looking at some officials' six-figure salaries. [LA Times]

    GOP Might Get $30M From Whitman:
    She's already spent nearly $100 million of her own money on her campaign. Now, she might help out the state party. [SF Chronicle]

    Counting on Experience: Is that a good idea at a time when being a career politician is perceived as a problem for some candidates? [Wall Street Journal]

    Meet California's Happy Tax Man: Tax rolls are down all over the state, but the assessed value of commercial and residential real estate in San Francisco actually grew 4 percent. [Bay Citizen]

    In Whitman's Opinion...: Her views on immigration are similar to those of Jerry Brown. But the Sac Bee points out a major difference on a key component. [Sacramento Bee]

    Education Board to Declare Emergency: The state board is expected Thursday to make the declaration, which "suggests that students in those schools are at risk of 'serious harm.'" [California Watch]