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End The World With These Bay Area Jams

Play these tunes in case life stops on December 21



    If you follow the Mayan calendar, you're no doubt preparing for the end of the world on December 21. While conventional wisdom says you'll make it until Christmas, we've assembled a soundtrack of Bay Area jams to play just in case Friday is our last on Earth:

    • Starship - "We Built This City"

    Grace Slick and company conjure up the power of song with this unforgettable song, but will it be enough to stop the destruction of all humankind?

    • Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'"

    Time to reclaim this anthem back from Giants fans and watchers of The Sopranos and repurpose it for keeping us all alive.

    • MC Hammer - "Pray"

    Before he became an actual TV preacher for a time, Hammer sampled Prince's "When Doves Cry" on this inspirational rap.

    • Digital Underground - "Doowutchyalike"

    Once the prayers have been set, it's time to let loose with the ultimate Bay Area party rap.

    • Hunx and His Punx - "The Last Time"

    Seth Bogart and his sassy ladies are an essential addition to this final spin.

    • Santana - "Day of Celebration"

    Carlos Santana's epic guitar is something everyone would want to hear just one last time.

    • Romeo Void - "Never Say Never"

    This saucy and cheeky one-hit wonder sounded like an apocalyptic must even when it came out three decades ago.

    • Green Day - "Last Night on Earth"

    Billie Joe Armstrong and company has had a sense of impending finality for a minute, perfectly encapsulated on this doomsday stunner.

    • Metallica - "Enter Sandman"

    The band probably didn't imagine this to be an end of the world soother, but there's strange comfort to be found in this harsh classic.

    • Thee Oh Sees - "Carol Ann"

    Go into the soft-focused light, dear listeners. Go into the light.