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Hardkiss Looks Back to Move Forward

New album a tribute to late member



    Hardkiss Music is readying the release of a new album called 1991, and to call it highly anticipated would be an understatement.

    Back in the actual '90s, the name Hardkiss was synonymous with deep dance music culture in the Bay Area. Scott, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss were brothers in rhythm, if not actual blood, and served as unofficial international ambassadors for the sounds that were bubbling up in the region.

    A 1994 compilation, Delusions of Grandeur, served as the most sizable Hardkiss calling card. The trio had not publicly released anything together in years, but the possibilities always seemed to loom.

    But with Scott Hardkiss' sudden and untimely passing in 2013, it seemed as though the legacy had lost a main artery; read our tribute to Scott Hardkiss for reflections from friends and colleagues. Instead of closing the book, however, Gavin and Robbie pushed themselves to continue work they had recently started with Scott and keep recording, which they did in San Rafael.

    The album is named after the year that Hardkiss was created, and its songs capture the freewheeling and positive feeling of classic anthems from the era.

    Hardkiss has gotten the support of fellow independent record labels to release the album's singles and is now turning to the public for crowdfunding support to give the album its widest potential audience. You can support the label and artists by pre-ordering vinyl albums (which come with MP3 digital downloads) and merchandise packs here.

    Check out the 1991 album preview below: