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SF MusicTech Seeks Innovators

Startups and developers win prizes and exposure



    Fledgling digital music mavens and developers are encouraged to apply for the Startup Innovators Challenge at SF MusicTech Summit at Hotel Kabuki on May 28.

    The 12th annual event is a pivotal one in the digital music space, drawing international visitors and poising the aspiring entrepreneur for some incredible networking (and maybe even funding) opportunities.

    Applications are open even to those who haven't registered for SF MusicTech, lowering what could be an economic barrier for some people; the current registration price of $279 expires on May 10 and climbs up to $600 on the day of the show.

    The Startup Innovators Challenge last took place at SF MusicTech's February event and featured companies such as Plug.DJ, a virtual platform to play music and videos with friends and strangers online; CueNotes, a soon-to-be-public site for crowdsourcing facts and observations about songs to create the ultimate liner notes; and Lyricle, an app/game that tests your capacity to remember popular lyrics.