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Aubrey Huff Might Get Run at Third Base



    Plenty of crazy things have been said about, done by and tried with the San Francisco Giants lineup.

    Even so, and this is going to sound absolutely nuts, but it looks like Bruce Bochy's thinking about letting Aubrey Huff try his glove at third base.

    Yes, third base.

    That's per Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News, who points out that it's an idea that originally spawned from many a commenter on his posts.

    This makes the possibility even more mind-blowing: imagine that this insane idea, which will feature a nightmarish glove like Huff at third base, may have been bred in comment sections before it ever made into Bruce Bochy's head.

    (Note that I don't think comment sections are evil; they're actually wonderful. It's just that, well, comment sections aren't being paid millions to manage a pro baseball team, you know?)

    Back to the possibility of Huff playing third -- there is a silver lining. Namely, that Brandon Belt can go ahead and make his way on up to the majors again.

    See, Belt can't play third, lest you attempt to suggest that. He's left-handed, and not even the most b-a-n-a-n-a-s manager would try that.

    But Belt can play first base, obviously, even though he's been training in the outfield while at Fresno.

    Plus, the purpose of this isn't really so much that the Giants can get Belt up here, or get Huff off first base. It's more so the Giants can beef up the bottom of the lineup.

    Mark DeRosa is on a nightmarish skid and just got injured on Wednesday night. Pablo Sandoval won't be back for a few more weeks. Plus, it's not like Miguel Tejada is an ideal offensive or defensive option at third.

    Putting Huff there, while not great for defensive purposes, at lets Bochy field a lineup that would have a chance at being respectably full of offense on occasion.

    And, as we noted in the recent report card for the first quarter of the Giants season, that's something they need. Plus, it at least will be fun to watch Huff working his glove over there.