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Barry Bonds' Childhood Home on Market



    When you're known as (or, at least, call yourself) The City of Fine Living, well, there must be a reason right? People want to live there, move their families there ... recover from a season-ending injury there. Maybe raise a legendary Major League Baseball player there?

    The San Francisco Giants have a continuing relationship with in San Carlos -- that peninsula gem just north of Redwood City.  The newest chapter has Barry Bonds' mother looking to sell her home there, but wanting to stay in the city, according to

    And with Buster Posey's apparent interest in San Carlos, it seems the almost-recession-proof house prices are warranted.

    Patricia Bonds' 4-bedroom home is on the market for $1,688,000. Her realtor, Buffy Bianchini, told The Spy, "She's staying in San Carlos where she's bought a condo."

    This is the same house where Barry and his sibs grew up, of course. So the Giants history even goes back a generation to standout Giant Bobby Bonds.

    Will a fan or will a player make a bid? 

    "I tried to get in touch with Posey," the realtor told The Spy. No reply, just yet...