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Barry Zito Presents: Worst Pitch Ever



    You might've missed it if you didn't look quickly enough, but Barry Zito threw what might have been the worst pitch in MLB history on Saturday night.

    With the Giants up 2-1 in the second inning, no one on and no out, Zito wound up to throw a pitch and then threw the ball straight up (come on, tell me ...) in the air.

    The result was the ball landing halfway between the pitcher's mound and home plate and a lot of comical laughter.

    Of course, this is the very thing that GIFs are designed to capture, and thankfully, Timothy Burke of Deadspin did just that:

    It truly is like a pop-up in golf: Zito throws the ball and yet has no clue where said ball goes. We don't get to see the look on his face here, but the quick body language we get, plus the look on Carlos Quentin's face, are more than enough.

    Barry Zito everyone.