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Bochy: Wilson 'Less Than 50-50' for Opening Day



    Brian Wilson's oblique strain has had folks vacillating on and off an optimistic bandwagon of sorts over the past two weeks.

    It seems, though, as if it's time to get off for a while. Or, at least for opening day -- manager Bruce Bochy made it pretty clear that expecting Wilson to pitch for the Giants on Thursday against the Dodgers is a bit of a lost cause.

    "I'll be honest. I think he's less than 50-50," Bochy said before the Giants returned to AT&T Park on Monday against the Athletics. "But we're not going to rule him out completely."

    Okay, maybe that's not the most pessimistic thing he could say, but when it comes to oblique strains and baseball pitchers, "50/50" isn't a choice between a glass being half-full or half-empty.

    In fact, to borrow from the jargon of the NFL's injury report, it's often considered "questionable." Which may be exactly what Bochy was trying to convey.

    "I think we'd really be pushing it, so I'd say the chances are he will not start with us," Bochy said. "But we still want to give him the benefit of the doubt. We'll wait till he throws."

    In other words, only the most foolhardy of optimists should think that Wilson will take the mound on Thursday night ("So you're telling me there's a chance?!?")

    On the bright side, Bochy and the front office are clearly taking the smart route with Wilson's injury, and considering the team's long-term needs ahead of any concern at having their All-Star closer ready to go on when the team starts the regular season Thursday.