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The Beard Is Back!



    Brian Wilson is officially active and ready to start saving games for the Giants.

    That's according to the Giants, who announced the move Wednesday morning via their official Twitter account.

    The subsequent move, as we predicted yesterday, was to place Santiago Casilla on the 15-day disabled list. Casilla's injury is being termed an "inflamed right elbow."

    Interestingly, a lot of fans are curious as to whether or not Casilla's injury might be "phantom" -- that seems like a stretch, particularly if he's been icing it down after every single game.

    The Giants also announced that Travis Ishikawa, designated for assignment last Thursday, cleared waivers. That means he's headed back to Triple-A.

    Ishikawa making it all the way through waivers is a pretty good indication that either a) everyone's got two good first basemen on their roster right now or b) the Giants really didn't have a fantastic offense the last four years or so. You make the call. (Hint: It's "b.")

    So here's a question I'll throw out there: What if the Giants have just been missing The Beard's swagger? Is that possible? Or just a silly notion that involves "chemistry" and doesn't lend enough credence to the important nature of things like "defense" and "hitting."

    It's probably a stretch. But Wilson's weirdness does give this team an edge, one that they haven't really seem to have without him actually pitching.

    Again, I can't actually prove that the Giants will go on a winning streak following Wilson's return, but I'm going to get optimistic about their chances one more time and say they win tonight -- without him pitching -- and then get two of three from the Cardinals in the first homestand of the season.

    Wilson's presence means that much.