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Social Media Helps SFPD Arrest Bus Vandal



    On Tuesday we pointed out that the police were seeking assistance in arresting a man who was photographed smashing the front window of a bus with a crowd-control barrier. That man has been arrested already the San Francisco Police Department announced.

    Gregory Tyler Graniss, 22, of San Francisco, was arrested and booked on Tuesday night on charges of felony vandalism and injuring/destroying a passenger transit vehicle, also a felony.

    “This was a senseless act of destruction and there is no tolerance for such criminal behavior in San Francisco,” police chief Greg Suhr said in a release. ”With assistance from the public, investigators moved swiftly to identify this suspect and make an arrest. Investigators are also working tirelessly to identify those responsible for setting the bus on fire and to bring them to justice.”

    There were any number of people who were behaving poorly following the Giants World Series win. Graniss wasn't the only one acting recklessly, but he was caught red-handed in a photograph that makes him look like a destructive meathead.

    That photograph ended up going viral as it were, making the front page of and being widely distributed by just about every major media site, including ours.

    Within hours, the San Francisco Police Department received enough information to track the guy down, find him, arrest him and book him on a pair of felonies.

    It's a shocking testament not just to the nature of people (not so bad after all!) and social media -- you get caught smashing a bus window in a photograph, that photograph goes on Twitter and you just might find yourself getting arrested pretty quickly.

    Good on the police for tracking him down, and even better on the people who helped to do it. Celebrations can often get a little rowdy, but they shouldn't feature destruction of public property.