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Chipper: Melky Antics 'Won't Be Forgotten'



    On Wednesday night, during the Giants 11-4, 11-inning victory in Atlanta, Braves fan favorite Melky Cabrera continued to embrace his role as villain of the series.

    Earlier in the series, Melky did the old crotch chop towards a bunch of Braves fans. Wednesday, he decided to taunt Braves outfielder Jason Heyward, basically begging him to advance to third on a sacrifice fly

    Proof of said taunt/troll/goad via McCovey Chronicles:

    That little move didn't sit very well with Braves veteran Chipper Jones, who said that Melky's actions "won't be forgotten" by the Braves.

    “That’s Melky, and that’s why he’s not here anymore,” Jones said, via Dave O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He got a little happy when Blanco hit the home run. It won’t be forgotten.”

    Melky, of course, played in Atlanta in 2010. He was terrible (and fat!) and didn't live up to expectations of Braves fans. Now that he's an All-Star (not to mention an All-Star Game MVP) and he's spending his free time taunting Braves fans, well, you can see how they're a little bitter.

    But it's kind of interesting how the Giants-Braves rivalry is developing. The two teams don't play that often, but they've clearly got a little bitterness, likely stemming from the 2010 playoffs.

    It shouldn't be surprising, then, that Eric O'Flaherty fired a ball that made Melky dive during the eighth inning. And it shouldn't be surprising if it happens again.