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Ross: Giants 'My No. 1 Choice'

Word on the street is Cody Ross will only come back to the Giants if they give him a multi-year deal, but the former postseason hero also said the Giants are his "number-one choice."



    The Giants are trying to upgrade their offense this off-season, but they also seem prepared to do it reasonably intelligently -- word on the street is that the Giants don't want to commit to any contracts that are "longer" (read: more than one- or two-year deals).

    That's making things tough when it comes to a decision on 2010 NLCS legend and postseason hero Cody Ross, who apparently wants to be a Giant, but only if they give him enough job security.

    Funny how that works out, huh?

    "[The] Giants are my number one choice," Ross texted Jaymee Sire of on Monday.

    But, according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News, Ross "would not come back" to the Giants on a one-year deal ... provided he can get a two-year deal from a team that plays in a hitter-friendly park.

    The Giants almost certainly want to bring Ross back -- Brian Sabean said he is still "open minded" per Sire, but that the "window was closing" to get Ross back on the roster.

    The problem is the team's outfield spots are filling up quickly. Brandon Belt, Melky Cabrera and Nate Schierholtz are locked in right now, and it's still possible that the Giants could make a move for a new free agent this off-season.

    If they do, then Ross becomes pretty expendable, which is probably fair. His 2011 season was just barely above-average offensively and he hit just 14 home runs while posting a .240/.325/.405 line and knocking in just 52 runs.

    At 30, Ross' 20-plus homer days may be past him and the Giants would be wise to avoid overpaying if he's demanding a multi-year deal.