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Doctors Say Stow Has Not Emerged From Coma Yet



    Reports of a beaten Giants' fan emerging from a medical induced coma are greatly exaggerated.

    News began to surface Thursday that Bryan Stow, who was beaten after the Los Angeles Dodgers' home opener against the Giants on March 31, was awakening from a medical induced coma.

    But Rosa Saca of the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, where Stow is being treated, said the paramedic and father of two children is still in a coma and reports that he is "emerging" are totally inappropriate.

    Saca said Stow's doctors began Thursday to cut off the medication that was inducing his coma but he has not emerged from.

    Each patient reacts differently to the medication and some emerge within three to five days of being taken off, according to Saca. But some unfortunately do not come to.

    At this stage it is still too early to tell what Stow's prognosis will be but Saca said doctors will continue to monitor him and if his condition worsens, the medication would be re-administered.

    Saca did say that the hospital staff is hopeful about Stow's chances of recovery.