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Beyond the Bay: Giants vs. Marlins Series Preview



    Preview time, kids -- and to help us take a look at the upcoming Giants vs. Marlins series, we're welcoming in Dave Gershman of ESPN's Marlins Daily blog (part of the SweetSpot network) to break down how things will shake out in (near?) South Beach.

    Oh, and to talk about Scott Cousins and Buster Posey of course. Read Dave at Marlins Daily here and make sure to follow him on Twitter @Dave_Gershman.

    The Cove: If this series is tied at 1-1, instead of having Vogelsong and Volstad pitch against each other, can Bruce Bochy and Jack McKeon just wrestle to the death in the outfield? (And who would win in that match?)

    Dave Gershman: While that would be amusing, it would probably be very tough to watch. I'd give the upper hand to Bochy because of size, but you know never know what Trader Jack has up his sleeve.

    Meanwhile, the scheduled Volstad/Voglesong matchup should definitely provide some intrigue, mostly due to the fact that it's difficult to select a winner. I guess, however, that's a microcosm of what this series will behold. Or at least I hope.

    Cove: Scott Cousins is on the 60-day DL with a back injury (sounds like Barry Zito's ankle injury, ahem). Why can't we spill revenge-colored blood through the streets of Florida? Just kidding -- what I meant to ask is what's your take on the home-plate collision a few months removed?

    DG: Things have definitely simmered down since the incident. Almost to the fact that it's nearly forgotten, or at least until it's brought up again. Something tells me neither team will have the situation on their mind, but I'm sure you'll be hearing about it from other avenues. As of now, I think it's probably in the back of the players minds, although one minor hit by pitch or what have you could easily re-up the tension.

    Cove: Beltran's probably going to miss the series, Hanley Ramirez is out as well and there are some pretty good pitching matchups scheduled. Over or under on runs for the series at 9?

    DG: Good question. I'll take the over thanks to the Marlins bullpen, despite the Giants maligned offense which has been remarkably consistent, although quite negatively consistent.

    Cove: Speaking of Hanley, why is Logan Morrison trying to fight him? That seems like Eli Whiteside fighting Tim Lincecum.

    DG: Well, according to Morrison himself, Juan Rodriguez left out additional, non-controversial comments said by Logan in his article. Obviously, spicing up an article with as many intriguing quotes as possible is integral for any writer, and Rodriguez did just that.

    I truly believe that Morrison's carefree approach on Twitter and with the media causes him to say what ever he feels need to me said, which is totally wrong and that in which an athlete should be able to harness better. But in any case, the lack hustle and health of Hanley Ramirez caused Logan to want to speak his mind, and he did just that.

    Cove: I lived in Greensboro and watched Mike Stanton play a season of A-ball in a park with a pair of 250-foot fences. So, um, if you just want to talk about how awesome he is for a minute that would be fine. Also, why wasn't he in the home-run derby? What's wrong with Prince Fielder?

    DG: He definitely should have been selected to compete in the home run derby. It's unfortunate he wasn't. Stanton has been great this year. It's hard to believe what he's done with the bat at such a young age and I only expect him to get better. Hard to believe where the Marlins if not for Stanton.

    Cove: Who's one player to watch on the Marlins this series that we otherwise might not be paying attention to right now?

    DG: Keep an eye on Bryan Petersen He looks to get additional playing time this series especially, and with everything I'm hearing it's hard not to be enthused for additional Petersen plate appearances. Also, being a lefty, one of the few lefty's on the team actually, someone has to feast on the Giants right-handed dominance of a pitching staff, no?