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McKeon Calls Vogelsong 'Volkswagen'



    On Sunday, the Giants took the series from the Marlins with a 5-2 win, mostly thanks to a pair of jacks from recent call-up Brandon Belt.

    Ryan Vogelsong, who pitched seven-plus innings and picked up his 10th win of the season, also deserves some credit. Especially considering he took a beanball to the shoulder while batting.

    Do not expect Marlins manager Jack McKeon to give Vogelsong that credit. Or even pronounce his name correctly.

    "Guys get carried away," McKeon said after the game, via Big League Stew. "Vogel … Volkswagen … whatever his name is — he's lucky he didn't have to face [Don] Drysdale or [Bob] Gibson or one of those guys. You would get a shave and a haircut real quick."

    And McKeon would know, too. He was -- literally -- alive when those guys pitched. (In fact, McKeon is older than Gibson!)

    Such an age may explain why McKeon can't remember Vogelsong's name. Of course, it doesn't help matters that the geriatric manager of the Fish got all kerfuffled when Bruce Bochy decided to pick members of the San Francisco roster over a McKeon guy like Anibal Sanchez.

    Of course, that previous bit of vitriol doesn't hold as much water, since it's Vogelsong -- and not Sanchez -- who leads the National League in ERA right now.

    And maybe it wasn't a purposeful spite of Vogelsong in the press conference. Maybe McKeon is just really old and can't remember everyone's name in baseball.

    Or where he parked his Volkswagen.