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Killer Bees Swarm Right Field

Giants Spring Training Game Is Delayed Due To Killer Bees



    Giants fans got something more than they paid for this weekend.

    At the top of the 2nd inning of Sunday's Spring Training game, outfielders for the visiting Arizona Diamondbacks were scrambling for cover after a swarm of killer bees appeared.

    The bees buzzed their way across the field towards the Giants' dugout, eventually settling for the friendly confines of a television camera. The game was delayed for about 40 minutes, while grounds crews used cotton candy and lemonade to move the swarm away. This was the second game delay in as many days. A gas leak halted play on Saturday.

    Luckily, nobody was stung by the bees and the game resumed afterwards. And if you're keeping score, the Giants routed the Diamondbacks 11-1.

    Killer bees are commonly found in the Southwest and in California. They are known to act highly aggressive when their colony is threatened. They were initially brought over from African countries to South America in the 1950's. Since then, the bees have gradually moved northward, finally appearing in the United States soil by 1990.