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Giants to Get Beltran by 'Swooping In'?



    Carlos Beltran's the best-available hitter on the trade market right now, and the Mets are clealry interested in moving him.

    Fortunately, the Giants desperately need a bat that can put them over the top in chasing a second-straight World Series.

    Unfortunately, a lack of willingness to give up prospects in order to get Beltran has pushed the Giants to the back of the line in terms of teams dealing with the Mets.

    However, Jayson Stark of ESPN has an interesting take on the situation, and has talked to two NL executives who believe the Giants will come "swooping in" to land Beltran at the last minute:

    Here's a fascinating theory on the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes from two NL executives: They believe that all the current talk that the Phillies and Red Sox are either the "favorites" or the "most aggressive" teams in the Beltran bidding is being circulated by the Mets to increase pressure on other teams in the bidding. Their theory: The Giants wind up swooping in and getting this done, for a package fronted by dynamic center-field prospect Gary Brown.

    That's pretty good news if you're a Giants fan who only happens to care about winning right now. (Note that it's okay to want to win. Seriously, it's cool.)

    It's probably not the greatest thing in the world if you're a Giants fan who wants to win long term, though, because it means the Giants will be giving up one of their two-best offensive prospects (Brandon Belt being the other) in order to chase a World-Series title that is anything but guaranteed even with Beltran on the roster.

    Additionally, it's probably a touch infuriating to think that the Phillies and Red Sox are only "heavily interested in a deal" because the Mets are pumping them up that way.