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Cain Not Available for Trade for 'Years'



    Last week we mentioned the possibility of the Giants dealing Matt Cain to the Yankees for Jesus Montero.

    Or, actually, the lack of the possibility -- it's a deal that makes little sense giving the parts involved for San Francisco, even if it's something the Yankees would love to have happen.

    And Joel Sherman of the New York Post confirmed how unlikely a Giants-Yankees trade is on Sunday, writing that Brian Sabean and Co. are so firm on not dealing Cain that the Yankees haven't bothered calling them in "years."

    "For those on the Matt Cain bandwagon, I heard the Giants have made it so clear they are not trading him that the Yankees have not asked about the righty in 'years,'" Sherman wrote.

    See? Just like we told you -- ain't happening.

    And it shouldn't happen. The Giants are built around a great pitching staff and a mediocre offense. The Yankees are built around a great offense and a mediocre pitching staff. Neither one worked out in 2011, but look around at the market, and it's pretty clear that finding elite pitching is a LOT harder than finding a bat.

    If you need further proof, look at the upcoming free agents. CC Sabathia -- hey, maybe the Giants will get him too! -- is the top option, but as we noted, he's got a pile of innings and isn't exactly young.

    And after him, it's C.J. Wilson.

    By comparison, both Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols will be free agents. So will Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes.

    That's not to say that the Giants will get all, or even any, of those guys. Of course they won't. But they stand a better chance of improving the overall roster by adding offensive firepower through free agency than they do via a trade.

    Which is precisely why Cain's not going anywhere this offseason.