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Muni Insurance Won't Cover $700K Bus Burning

The transit agency is out $1 million for torched bus on World Series night.



    Muni Insurance Won't Cover $700K Bus Burning
    Susana Bates
    This situation ended up costing Muni $1 million.

    The night the Giants won the World Series is turning out to be a $1 million- evening for Muni -- as in, $1 million up in smoke.
    The transit agency's insurance policy doesn't cover burned buses, which means Muni is on the hook for the $700,000 bus torched by celebrating fans, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. What's more, that particular bus had just undergone a $300,000 refurbishment last year, the newspaper reported.

    Good thing the Giants don't win a championship every year.
    The bus was burned at Third and Market streets in San Francisco a week ago Sunday, the newspaper reported. The bus was full of passengers at the time, the newspaper reported.
    No injuries were reported, and bus driver Alan Yam gets the credit for that, the newspaper reported. Passengers "began to feel the bus itself shuddering as the mob descended on it," the newspaper reported.
    Yam had the passengers sit tight until the mob began smashing windows, at which point he helped people get off the bus, the newspaper reported.
    Cops have arrested Gregory Tyler Graniss, 22, of San Francisco, for allegedly using a metal barricade to smash the bus's front windows. The other arsonists are still at large.
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