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Nate Schierholtz' Historical Homer



    Nate Schierholtz smoked a walkoff home run last night that inspired Giants nation -- and spurred the team to a win over the Padres.

    It was inspirational enough for CSN Bay Area's Mychael Urban called last night's game his "favorite since Game 5 of the 2010 World Series" ... high praise indeed.

    But just how special was Schierholtz' shot? It might actually surprise you.

    Per ESPN's Stats & Info blog, that was the first Giants' walkoff homer that came as part of a multi-homer game since Bengie Molina hit a pair of jacks way back in April of 2008.

    2008's a long time ago, but hitting a walkoff as your second homer of the game is pretty darn rare, so it's not necessarily fair to judge the Giants offense.

    More interesting to me is the fact that Schierholtz became the first Giant to record a multi-homer game that featured the taters coming more than 10 innings apart since Barry Bonds did so way back in 2001.

    And finally, Schierholtz' jack was the first Giants' walkoff home run in the 14th inning or later since 1996, when Tom Lampkin hit a walkoff against the Marlins in the 15th inning.

    Oh yes, and I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that it was Nate's first career walkoff, first career multi-homer game.

    All-in-all it looked like another example of the Giants' ability to continually come up big when things get hairy, and was definitely the sort of thing -- winning in a weird way at a weird time against a big opponent -- that's defined Giants baseball for the last two years.