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Pagan Catch Starts 8-6-3 Double Play



    The Giants won their second-straight game against the Padres on Tuesday night, but they didn't make it easy to watch. Of course, they did make it fun to watch -- Brandon Crawford hit a walk-off single to score Brandon Belt in the bottom of the ninth that won the game.

    But that walk-off was set up by an absolutely phenomenal catch from Angel Pagan in the top of the eighth inning that also featured Crawford and Belt, in the form of the very, very rare 8-6-3 double play.

    I mean, what a freaking catch. What a freaking throw. What a freaking play. There was some sort of debate about where Pagan's catch ranks in terms of plays made ... and it's up there. Just ask Pagan!

    “What can I say? It was one of the best plays of my career,” Pagan said, via Rael Enteen of

    But it's important to remember that the catch is made all the more rare by the fact that he actually doubled up Chase Headley, and all the more awesome by the fact that he recognized the double-play chance and managed to use his momentum in order to get Headley pegged.

    “It’s hard to find a better catch than Pagan’s,” Bruce Bochy said. “That saved us. I’ve said this so many times: Defense can win a ballgame for you … It’s hard to see a better play in baseball than that, especially with what was on the line.”

    GIF form via Dayn Perry at Eye on Baseball:

    Get used to seeing this play, because it's gonna be replayed a lot over the next 24 hours.