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Posey Leaves With Back Spasms



    The last thing the Giants need, with the playoffs starting on Saturday, is an injury to superstar catcher Buster Posey.

    Which is why Posey leaving Monday night's game with back spasms is terrifying, regardless of whether or not Bruce Bochy thinks "it's serious."

    “We don’t think it’s serious,” Bochy said. “We’ll check on him tomorrow.”

    Per the San Jose Mercury-News, Boch believes that Posey could start and play on Tuesday if he was needed by the Giants. But, uh, he's not even remotely needed. They've clinched right now and with two games left, can't catch either the Nationals or the Reds to move up in the playoff seeding.

    Additionally, Posey's in the driver's seat when it comes to the National League batting title race. He's currently batting .336 (despite going 1-for-4 on Monday) and Andrew McCutchen's sitting at .329.

    Posey could, theoretically, sit out the remaining two games, pick up the title and rest for the playoffs.

    After all, going hitless in two games (assuming four at bats) would drop him down to a .330 batting average. With McCutchen at .329 right now, the Pirates outfielder would only need three hits to make this a real race (3-for-8 would put McCutchen at .330).

    Anything more and Posey could lose the race. On the other hand, sitting and winning a batting title doesn't really seem like Posey's style, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him keep playing.

    A few hits against the Dodgers over the next few days would double up the delight for Giants fans, as not only would it help Posey win the title, but it might also help push the Dodgers out of the playoff hunt.