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Report: Giants Have Had Talks About Reyes Trade



    On Tuesday, we mentioned that the Giants might be a "perfect fit" for a potential trade partner to acquire New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

    Well, it appears that they've actually had some discussions with the Mets about a possible trade. That news comes from Mychael Urban of, who cites a major-league source that indicates talks have been had.

    And it makes sense that said talks have happened, since the Giants are in New York right now. But you probably knew that.

    What you might not know is that much of the interest is coming from the Mets' end. That doesn't mean they're blowing up Brian Sabean's phone, but the point is that they definitely want to move him.

    That's not entirely shocking -- the Mets are in a bad financial situation. Reyes is apparently, according to Urban, looking to match Carl Crawford's deal seven-year, $142 million deal with the Red Sox.

    Such demands could be a serious hazard for San Francisco, as the Giants are already rocking a $120-million payroll and probably don't want to add a contract that rivals Barry Zito's, even if it would actually mean getting something good in return.

    The salary they'll send back, hypothetically, won't be much, because the Mets will want prospects and, perhaps more importantly, not salary.

    As we covered before, that could include Brandon Belt (highly unlikely, especially because the Mets have Ike Davis at first base already), Jonathan Sanchez (maybe likely, but not ideal for New York or San Francisco), Madison Bumgarner (unlikely, because MadBum's talented as hell, but not out of the question), and Zach Wheeler (most likely, even though he's a stud, because the Giants have lots of starters and no offense, though they'll need to send more to make it happen).

    Here's one more thing to consider: right now, the Mets can't get as much for Reyes, because there aren't as many teams who have decided what side of the trading block they want to be on. Additionally, as the trade deadline of late July approaches, the Mets will be able to drum up more interest in Reyes as a late-year rental.

    But, right now, they might be able to get more long-term value from the Giants, with Sabean knowing he can utilize Reyes' talents for a few extra months and potentially start working on an extension.

    It might end up being nothing. And it might end up being something. But there's plenty of smoke, thanks to the Giants' offense and the Mets' salary situation, and that means there's some fire.