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Rory McIlroy Aces First Pitch at AT&T



    It was Irish Heritage Night on Tuesday in San Francisco and with the U.S. Open set to kickoff Thursday, it obviously made a ton of sense to have the defending U.S. Open champion and famous Irishman toss out the first pitch.

    McIlroy did just that, and he aced his test, hitting Sergio Romo with some high cheese.

    "I thought it was pretty good," McIlroy said. "For my first time I thought I did a pretty good job. I actually threw a few golf balls on the course just to guage what I was going to do."

    Most importantly, McIlroy didn't bounce the ball and genuinely looked like, you know, someone with coordination.

    "They all told me just to get the ball up and not bounce it," McIlroy said earlier in the day.

    Bonus points: McIroy said the Giants are now his "official" team. Maybe he can even pitch every fifth day.