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Sandoval, Crawford Do Some Juggling



    No one really thinks of Pablo Sandoval as an agile, ninja-like defender, even if he is quite adept with his glove.

    Brandon Crawford's got a little more glove-love, but still, if you were going to pick a pair of players who you expected to get involved in a circus-like juggling act during a game, you'd probably pick a different pair.

    Crawford and Panda did just that on Tuesday, however, and it was pretty sick.

    Matt Cain certainly appreciates yet another impressive act of fielding courtesy of his teammates, against the Astros no less. As always, we have GIF form too, via Bay City Ball:

    Honestly, it's really more of a mistake by Sandoval (he should've caught the ball "normally" you know) that turned into a goofy save that turned into Crawford making an amazing stab.

    Which is kind of why I feel like Panda and Crawford would make for a pretty amazing casting job in a new buddy-cup drama. TNT can just lob an amperstand in there and book it for 10 seasons.