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Sergio Romo to the DL, Beltran Likely Next



    The theme for the Giants in 2010 was "torture."

    That might be an understatement for the 2011 team after the past 24 hours. Not only did San Francisco lose an absolutely brutal game to the Braves on a blown save by Brian Wilson Monday, but it appears that two of the team's most important pieces -- Sergio Romo and Carlos Beltran -- will be on the disabled list by Tuesday.

    Romo's already there, the team announced on Tuesday, as he was sent to the 15-day DL with elbow inflammation. Dan Runzler was recalled from Triple-A to take Romo's place.

    Per Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News, Romo has gone back to San Francisco for further tests on his elbow and it's possible that he's dealing with bone spurs.

    Beltran is reportedly en route to the DL as well, as Baggarly's also reporting that the Giants trade-deadline acquisition will head to the disabled list and be replaced by Miguel Tejada, who the team will reportedly activate in his place.

    So, um, yeah. Right now, that Zack Wheeler-for-Beltran trade isn't looking so new and shiny like it was right after the trade deadline.

    That being said, complaining about the fact that Beltran hasn't hit and/or has been injured for nearly his entire time as a Giant is pointless.

    If the team can stay afloat and not lose too much ground to the Diamondbacks while he's injured, everything will be forgotten if Beltran can help the team make a push to take the NL West back.

    Yes, that is easier said than done. But that's where we are right now.