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Soriano Says No to Giants: Report



    The Giants are, pretty clearly, in need of an extra bat. They need that bat to help in the outfield, to help off the bench and to provide some power for a lineup that's all tiny sticks of wood and no pieces of big lumber.

    Alfonso Soriano, for all his many, many, many faults, would be a pretty decent fit in terms of a veteran bat who can occasionally hit baseballs to the moon, in between embarrassingly bad strikeouts. But, according to Jim Bowden of Sirius XM, Soriano has already refused a trade to the Giants.

    Read that again please.

    Alfonso Soriano won't accept a trade to the Giants. Does he hate Bruce Bochy? Does he prefer Chicago? Is he in love with the basement of the National League Central? I guess it makes some sense, if Soriano's worried about his playing time decreasing. But the dude is locked into a contract, as he can't become a free agent until 2015 and he's got a full no-trade clause.

    He's reportedly, per Bob Nightengale of USA Today, informed the Cubs of the places he will accept a trade to, but there haven't been any offers yet. Which is a little bizarre I guess, because it's hard to imagine he'd be all like "yeah, I'd love to go to Pittsburgh" or something, you know?

    And besides, the Cubs are in a rock and hard place with Soriano, mainly because he's owed so much freaking money. If they can get anyone to take on a significant portion of his cash, it's a pretty incredible move. His contract -- and eight-year, $136-million deal signed in 2006 -- is an absolute albatross for a guy who's 36-years-old at this point.

    So maybe Soriano's doing the Giants a favor by refusing a deal that would send him to San Francisco.