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The Beard Gets Frozen in Carbonite



    Mark it on your calendars, September 4th is "Star Wars" day at AT&T Park.

    According to the official website, all contiguous seats have sold out in all seating sections for this event, but there are still tickets available for standing room, and VIP Triples Alley spots.

    If you are lucky enough to get your hands on tickets to this event, you can look forward to sitting in a special 'Star Wars' section, access to a pregame costume contest party, limited edition Star Wars / Giants themed item - which appears to be a Brian Wilson frozen in carbonite - and access to a post-game screening of "The Empire Strikes Back"  

    Do you think they'll rename AT&T park to "AT-AT" park for the day? 

    The Empire Strikes Ballpark

    [BAY] The Empire Strikes Ballpark
    The Giants are celebrating their favorite 'Wookiee', Brian Wilson!
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011)

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