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Stow Family Sues Dodgers for 'Criminal Acts'



    The family of Giants fan Bryan Stow filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. was first to break the story. 

    Click here to read the suit for yourself.

    It alleges that the Dodgers are responsible for "exposing Stow to criminal acts of third parties."

    The suit alleges in part:

    During the game, fans of the Los Angeles Dodger repeatedly taunted and yelled at Stow and his companions because they were Giants fans. Despite the obvious tensions in the stands, and the clear signs of intimidation toward Stow and his party, the Dodgers Defendants' security staff failed to respond and/or address the safety concerns or intervene to air Stow and his companions.

    It also states that Stow texted a family member he was concerned for his safety at 7:03 p.m. near the end of the game.

    Stow was attacked on Opening Day following the Dodgers win over the Giants at Dodger Stadium. A suspect in the case has since been arrested and is in custody with the LAPD.

    The attacked fan was recently moved to a Bay Area hospital after weeks at Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center.

    Doctors expect Stow's recovery to take at least a year and say that he may not ever fully recover.

    Obviously the biggest concern in this matter is the health and well-being of Stow himself. Second to that is finding and prosecuting the people who committed this heinous crime.

    After that, making sure that the Stow family is compensated for the pain and suffering they've endured for nearly two months is tantamount to finding some closure.

    Despite the rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants, it can't bring any joy to fans to see the Los Angeles franchise sued. However, if civil litigation is the only measure by which the Stow family can find some measure of satisfaction with their situation, then there really isn't any other path to take.