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Stow Weighs Heavy on Giants



    The brutal beating in a Dodger Stadium parking lot March 31 that put a San Francisco Giants fan into a coma has made Giants fans a little more wary about their surroundings -- and it's even given the Giants players pause, too.

    "You think of a baseball park as being a family-friendly place," said ace pitcher Tim Lincecum, one of the team's most recognizable stars (who also donated $25,000 to the family of the beaten fan, 42-year old Bryan Stow). "It's still disturbing to think about what happened. It makes me sick to my stomach, actually."

    The two-time Cy Young Award winner now takes "extra precautions" when entering and exiting ballparks, and sees "more security now, but they can only see and handle so much," he told the San Jose Mercury News.

    Giants manager Bruce Bochy is also concerned about the safety of his team.

    "When you're leaving the ballpark, you've got to be aware," said Bochy, who added that the entire team was rattled by the violent incident. "I'm not going to lie. It bothered everybody, and not just us."

    Stow's health took a turn for the positive this week, as doctors reported he was no longer affected by seizures and was taken off of his seizure medication. Stow was transported to San Francisco General Hospital from an LA-area hospital on Monday.

    Despite an extensive LAPD investigation, numerous leaflets distributed at the Dodgers-Giants series Wednesday and a $100,000 reward, police have made no arrests and have no suspects by name in the case.

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    That surprises Bochy. "With the number of witnesses and... the video equipment and availability, yes, I'm very surprised," he said.