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The New York Beard? Brian Wilson Works Out For Mets

Giants' Wilson works out for Mets



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    The All-Star closer and former World Series hero is now able to shop his services on the open market .

    The Beard could be taking the subway.

    Former Giants closer Brian Wilson worked out for the New York Mets recently, according to multiple reports filed over the weekend.

    Wilson, 30, was the San Francisco Giants' star closer during their 2010 title run but missed most of the 2012 championship season with injury. Sergio Romo has now taken on the closer role.

    Wilson has achieved fame for his eccentric appearance and behavior, and, of course, his jet-black dyed beard. He still has that; less certain is if he still has the stuff that allowed him to be one of the best closers in baseball. He underwent Tommy John surgery last year for the second time in his career.

    Tommy John surgery involves replacing tendons in one's throwing arm. Recovery from the procedure usually takes a full year, but Wilson has promised to be ready by Opening Day.

    He made more than $8 million last season but the Giants did not tender him an offer, according to reports.

    Wilson worked out for the Mets at UCLA, according to reports.