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Repeat Lincecum's Delivery, Win BP with Tim



    Tim Lincecum's delivery is famous, because of it's odd motions and insane physics.

    As such, Red Bull made a video of it recently. And now you can make your own video imitating The Freak's delivery.

    Do a good enough job and you'll win the contest he's offering fans on his Facebook page, which means you could end up taking batting practice from Lincecum during next year's spring training.

    The contest is also sponsored by Red Bull, obviously -- Lincecum's recent cover shoot for the new U.S. version of the Red Bull Magazine should let you know they're all-in on him.

    What's involved in the contest?

    Well, it's pretty simple. You do your best "pitch or an imitation of Tim's" delivery (OK, so it's not that simple) and upload it to his Facebook page (I would also assume you have to have "liked" his page).

    Judging criteria is as follows: Creativity and Originality, 25 percent; Performance and Skill Level, 25 percent; Passion for Sport and Tim Lincecum, 50%. 

    Videos must be one minute long or less and there's a one-limit entry per person.

    You can also cruise over and check out the current submissions. Insofar as I can tell, only one 5-year-old has entered as of now, so, um, if you'll excuse me ...