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Ump Spoons Buster, Freddy's a Ghost



    There's nothing funny about the Giants right now. They're down 2-0 in the NLDS to the Reds and they're headed back to Cincinnati having already burned their two best pitchers on the staff.

    Ryan Vogelsong will start Game 3, and if he doesn't step up in a big way, the Giants are donecakes. But there's nothing wrong with trying to find a little humor in life, right?

    With that mind, we've got a pair of pictures from Sunday's game that are both terrifying and hysterical. First up the picture of an umpire, via Reddit, who got a little too close to Buster Posey.

    It's understandable that catchers and umpires get close when they're hunkered down behind the plate during a baseball game. But this is a little ridiculous, right? Take the guy out on a date first, guy.

    But Buster getting grabbed from behind isn't as terrifying as Freddy Sanchez hanging out in the dugout during the late innings on Sunday.

    As Hunter Pence and Posey were sitting up on the edge of the dugout, hanging out talking, probably being sad about a loss, Sanchez was just kicking back in the shadows being a total creepster.

    Of course, maybe Freddy's ghostly appearance is really just a masterful metaphor for the Giants playoff chances. Sigh.