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Fan Catches Home Run While Holding Baby



    Normally, we wouldn't post video of someone hitting home runs against the Giants. But we're posting Jay Bruce's blast to centerfield on Thursday since it featured an amazing catch.

    The catch wasn't by the Giants, though: Angel Pagan nearly robbed Bruce of the tater but the ball cleared the centerfield wall, where it was caught by a Reds fan.

    And that Reds fan who caught the ball also happened to be holding a baby:

    You already know the ending to the story, however. Pagan got his revenge, when he blasted a top-of-the-ninth inning, three-run homer off of closer Sean Marshall to give the Giants a 6-5 win and help them avoid the sweep.

    And it's not like anyone would've faulted him for not grabbing Bruce's shot to center either. People would've been too busy marveling at how one man could pull off such an amazing combination of athleticism and bad parenting in one fell swoop.