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Video: Ride With Bryan Stow's Paramedics



    Bryan Stow was transported back to the Bay Area earlier this week, much to the great relief of everyone thinking about the Giants fan.

    The paramedics who brought him back to the Bay Area actually filmed the ambulance drive, and posted it on YouTube, set to the Pet Shop Boys' "Home and Dry."

    Obviously it's awesome that these guys are so invested in Stow -- just like it was impressive how concerned the Giants were when it came time to play the Dodgers again. (And how impressive Dodger Stadium's security was this time around.)

    And I was going to suggest something different music wise, but, having thought about it for a little bit, tossing on something that's more upbeat (like Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight") would be a) inappropriate and b) inappropriate.

    As it is, the video is a fantastic tribute to Stow and just another amazing show of support from the Bay Area community.