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Zito Confirms Marriage Helped Game on 'Tonight Show'

Barry Zito and Sergio Romo appeared on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on NBC to discuss the Giants World Series win.



    As we noted on Thursday afternoon, Barry Zito and Sergio Romo pulled off a tag-team appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday night.

    Their appearance was fun and lighthearted but it was surprisingly tame given the parties involved; as we noted earlier, that's the sort of performance you get from even some of the crazier guests on Leno, although at the end of the interview, we did get a full-blown RomoBomb of Leno.

    But Zito did drop an interesting nugget when Leno asked him about recently getting married -- he essentially confirmed the working theory that Zito's marriage turned him from "total trainwreck" into "decent fifth starter."

    "It's funny. I have a friend who was a bullpen catcher back in my Oakland days. And he said he's noticed in many people's careers if their single for a while and get married they actually think about baseball less," Zito said. "They go home and they're focused on their family and being there for their wife. Because when you're single you just obsess on the game. You're alone every night. It's just baseball-baseball-baseball.

    "So when Amber and I got together last it year it helped because I had another part of my life. It wasn't just baseball."

    Zito also confirmed that he's currently on a cashmere-sock kick.

    "That's my new favorite thing right now -- cashmere socks," Zito said.

    So there's that breaking news, which goes down in Part 2 of the interview:

    Part 1 of the interview, up top, is more about the Giants storming back to take the World Series victory, including the fact that Zito played a huge part with his mind-blowing start against the Cardinals, going 7.2 innings and, as he said, looking as "locked in" as he ever has.

    "We were down 3-1 so if we lost we were going home," Zito said. "We had one more game in St. Louis and he gave me the opportunity  to start that game and it was such a blessing and it was something that me and my wife had prayed for and it just came and I was more locked in than I'd ever been in my whole career. And thank God because we got the game back to San Francisco and won out from there."

    And finally the fellas all chatted about their baseball past. Zito's dad didn't play sports but greatly encouraged him to start pitching.

    "My dad actually conducted Nate King Cole's band and arranged for Nate for like 10, 15 years and met my mother -- she was a singer there," Zito said. "So he didn't know anything about sports."

    Zito said his dad recognized an "affinity" for the game in his son and said his dad was always "two-to-three pages ahead" in Tom Seaver's Book of Pitching.

    Romo's dad was a little different -- he told Romo that there were "baseball leagues in the Navy" after Sergio tested really well in some pre-military breakdowns to determine who's good.