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Back to the Future's Auto-Tying Shoes Get Real



    Back to the Future Part II was a smorgasbord of dazzling tech. Hoverboards? Check. Holographic sharks? You bet'cha. Maybe best of all, though, was something awesomely simple: shoes that tied themselves.

    We're not talking lame Velcro here, either, but "power laces." It's the work of one Blake Bevin, who hooked a micro-controller on to the back of a pair of sneakers. It's a little bulky and Bevin herself calls it "tongue in cheek," but the effect is still damn cool.

    "This project is less 'Practical' than 'Proof of Concept'," she writes, "but hopefully it'll tide you over until Nike comes out with something more polished." We can only hope they will, Bevin.

    Check out the power laces yourself in the video below (and make sure you've got your sound turned on if you want to get hit by a wave of nostalgia).

    Blake Bevin, via MAKE