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Bacteria Fighting Underwear



    I wouldn't recommend anyone wear the same pair of underwear for a full month without washing them; the results would not be pretty. But a new type of nanotechnology-infused underwear that are quick-drying and odor-absorbing? Well, if they're good enough for astronauts, they should be good enough for you.

    Up in the International Space Station, they don't have a laundromat, so keeping clothes clean is a bit of a challenge. That's why Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata tested out a prototype pair of special underwear that uses nanotech to keep dry and odor-free. Now, the underwear is starting to go on sale in Japan for normal, Earth-based wearers.

    Interested in saving money on detergent? You can import a pair or two from Japan now for about $20 each.

    Gobwin Web Store via Ecouterre