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Gucci Gets It Right With These Stylish Aviator 3D Glasses



    At last, someone decided enough is enough and decided to actually incorporate a little style and design into a pair of 3D glasses. Gucci's fashion gurus are taking 3D eyewear to the next level with these retro-80s 3D glasses. Designers — take notes!

    Shaped in like aviators, Gucci's 3D glasses are made from plastic, but offer "optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology" — okay whatever that means. Gucci says its 3D glasses will be compatible with Real D — so viewing Avatar 2 & 3 will work just fine.

    In addition to the classy design and obvious branding, the 3D glasses feature a mirror coating that allows wearers to look at themselves in a mirror without distortion. What's it really for? Two things come to mind: people who buy Gucci are totally obsessed with their looks all the time and perhaps for bathroom breaks? It would have been even cooler if Gucci some how managed to make these glasses work like regular ones when frolicking out in the sun. Now that would be hot.

    Gucci's 3D glasses will be available this December, but only at US Gucci boutiques. The price to look cooler than everyone else in theaters this winter? $225. Call us crazy, but just look at these shades. Talk about money well spent to look like Kanye West in the dark.

    Via Luxist