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Halo Costumes Can't Get Anymore Detailed



    Halloween may be over this year, but that doesn't mean we can't crown this team of Halo Spartan costumes as the best video game replicas ever. We're envious as hell and want our very own, right now.

    Each costume was custom made to fit its wearer and features luxeon LED lights on the helmets. These even put that steampunk Iron Man costume to shame. Did we already say that it took three years to make? We could only dream of having the skills to make something this beautiful.

    The entire process started out as a papercraft model which led to a silcone rubber mold and then the final version out of urethane resin. Details like battle scars and scuff marks make the costumes even more drool-worthy. Check out the gallery below to get a better look at how awesome these look.

    So how much for one dude?

    Protagonist4hire, via Unreality Magazine