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The Cell Phone Dress



    Bluetooth earpieces have gotten much better over the years, but it's still hard to wear one without looking like a total douche. One solution: build your phone right into your clothing, which is exactly what a London fashion company has done with the M-Dress.

    Made to solve the problem of not getting to your phone fast enough when it's in a handbag, the M-Dress doesn't actually replace your cellphone — it's for when you don't want to carry it but still want to receive calls. First you pop your SIM card out of your phone and slip it into a slot underneath the label. Now when you get a call, a simple raising of the arm to the ear will answer. Hand goes down, dress hangs up. It can make calls, too, but only to one number since there's no keypad.

    The silk dress has "soft electronics" that make all this magic possible, with an antenna in the dress hem (you listening, Apple?). And we have to admit it looks pretty fab, one of the better mergers of tech and fashion we've seen. Created by fashion house CuteCircuit, the M-Dress is supposed to go on sale in October.

    CuteCircuit, via The Star and Science Fiction in the News