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The Perfect Antidote to Daylight Saving Time



    The geniuses at LeWhif first introduced inhalable chocolate last year, appealing to those guilt-ridden gigglers who want the kick of consuming chocolate without the calories.

    Mildly interesting, no?

    But now the company is onto something serious with its coffee inhaler, seizing our undivided attention, especially on the first days of this pointless Daylight Saving Time when we're having trouble keeping our eyes open.

    These mini bongs are about the size of a shotgun shell, and each contain about 100 mg of caffeine, which the manufacturer says is the equivalent of a cup of espresso.

    Take nine big hits from this portable caffeine delivery device, and you'll have bleary eyes no more. They're $8 for a box of three.

    GET IT at LeWhif online.