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15,000 Rubber Ducks in a Row



    BEVY OF BIRDS: Even if it has been years or decades since you squeaked and splashed with a little bathtub toy, there's still something irresistible about the classic rubber duck. And the thought of watching 15,000 rubber ducks "race" down a river? Even more irresistible (or irresistibler, if you prefer). And if the event is of the fund-raising sort, and it takes place on a summer Sunday, and multiple ducks may be sponsored? Irresistible-ness x 3. If you think you can handle all that, and we believe you can, make for Vasona Lake Park in Los Gatos on Sunday, June 12.

    FIVE BUCKS A DUCK: A sponsored duck is five smacks, or quacks, rather. Winning ducks in the Silicon Valley Duck Race will net their sponsors things like Tahoe getaways and a round of golf at Half Moon Bay Golf Links. And over a dozen Valley charities will benefit from funds raised. That's thrill enough, but watching all the rubber ducks get unloaded into the water is quite a sight, second only to seeing people cheer on toys. Go little toy, go!