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1907 Nights at the Boardwalk



    OH YEAH: We like when Monday and Tuesday get the love. Because honest. Friday? Saturday? There's a lot going down around the weekend. We often wonder if Saturday couldn't just loan Tuesday a couple of fun events of its own, just to be neighborly and all. So when something shows up, something fun and tasty and the color of cotton candy, and it is plunk at the start of the week, we take note. And we're taking note of the sweet 1907 Nights at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

    ONE-DOLLAR DEAL: The upshot? Things like hot dogs and rides'll be a buck on Monday and Tuesday evenings through Sept. 1. That's after 5 p.m., note. Also note that July 4 is a Monday, and there'll likely be a lot of people playing on the boardwalk, so the deal will not be on. We'd personally plan our boardwalking for early August, when temps get roasty, or roastier, rather. Which gets us to thinking. Do we need to dress like someone from 1907 to take advantage of this deal? Full bathing costume and all? It's tempting. If one is going to participate in a deal with 1907 in the title, one wants to go full bore. Our tip? Just don't get any one-dollar Pepsi on your bustle or striped man trunks. (Which gets us to thinking again: Does one need a handlebar mustache to wear striped man trunks? We kind of think so, and we kind of want to see both style touches make a rousing comeback.)