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30th Annual Snowfest!



    SNOWFEST! There's nothing not to love about a three-decader of a party. Why? Well. Figure most of the wrinkles have been ironed out, and the organizers have what they want to do down pat. North Lake Tahoe's own Snowfest!, complete with its ba-boom exclamation point, is turning 30 in 2011. But just because age 30 sounds pretty adult doesn't meant the activities won't have a kidly, youthful spirit. Because Snowfest! boasts a ton of stuff to do, including a parade, a Polar Plunge, and yes, an ice cream eating contest. In North Lake Tahoe. In early March. Talk about bravado.

    DETAILS: The March 4-13 festival will extend to several resorts and spots, so if you're thinking of going, best plan a bit ahead, and definitely with hotel reservations. Best check out the calendar, too, to make sure you're in on that Polar Plunge. You're going in the lake, right? Brrrring it.