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A Love Retreat Set in Ink



    EVENING DIP: Still looking for a place to take that special someone ahead of the Valentine's Day weekend? With a mix of ocean views, guided street food tours and a rooftop lounge just 200 feet from Venice Beach, we're big fans of the Erwin Hotel. The four star hotel is about as close as you can get to the Pacific Ocean without actually jumping in and getting wet. All while being as close to all the nightlife action you can handle.

    THE DEAL: There will be sun, waves and an ocean room view equipped with bubbly and roses for $239 a night. If you're so beaming with love that you can provide your own aphrodisiac, you can save yourself some scrill and sign up the "Takin' It to the Street" package for $197 a night. If you are ready to set your love in stone, sign up for the Ink and Stay Package and the ink is on the house thanks to Hotel Irwin's in hotel tattoo artist.