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America's Best: Bay Area Pizzas Make List

The Daily Meal lavishes the gooey glory on The Cheese Board in Berkeley, more regional spots.



    America's Best: Bay Area Pizzas Make List
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    The Daily Meal lavishes the gooey glory on The Cheese Board in Berkeley, San Francisco's Pizzeria Delfina, and more regional spots. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    SUPERSTAR SLICES: The fact is that foodies like to read about what other foodies are up to, especially those experience-seeking adventurers who travel to another city solely to try a famous dish or two. Finding some of that foodie fun-timing nearer to home is possible, though, with the picks just released by The Daily Meal. The "All Things Food & Drink" site just named its "101 Best Pizzas in America for 2016," and you don't even have to jet to the east coast, or Chicagoland, to get a crack at all of the crust-based goodness making the sought-after slots. Several Bay Area pie shops have been tapped as top picks on the exclusive list, so your "jet off for a meal" dreams can come true via a day of pizzeria-hopping around the region. 

    LUCKY SEVEN: A septet of sauce-ladling favorites are on the roster, including Berkeley's venerable dairy delight The Cheese Board at #78 (the "thin, sourdough crust" is highlighted) and Pizzialo of Oakland, The Cheese Board's list neighbor at #77 (some of the shop's unusual toppings, like wild nettles, caught The Daily Meal's eye). And next door to Pizzialo, at least on the rundown? Capo's of San Francisco at #76, and its vodka-creamy Dillinger pie. There are other local go-tos, from Tony's Pizza Napoletana to Flour + Water to Una Pizza Napoletana to Pizzeria Delfina, so eye the whole mozzarella-melted shebang and plot your day out pinballing about the area's lauded pizza palaces.

    HOME-CLOSE CRAVINGS: The whole jetting-off foodie thing isn't just about pricey specialties, and it isn't just about the jet. You can take in a host of hot, pepperoni-spicy spots in just the Bay Area, and have The Daily Meal list to use as your bragging back-up.